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Spread of Kimchi Culture A hub of global Kimchi culture and the science of fermentation. World lnstitute of Kimchi

Spread of Kimchi Culture

글자 크게 글자 작게 인쇄

Cultural Prosperity Research

Department Overview

The Culture Prosperity Research Group conducts research into the vitalization of domestic and overseas kimchi consumption and the growth of kimchi culture. It distributes various kimchi contents developed based on scientific and cultural research performances worldwide through a global network.

Major Areas of Research

  • 01Research into the maximization of the historical/scientific/cultural value of kimchi and its transformation into resources
  • 02Cooperation and promotion for the popularization and globalization of kimchi
  • 03Construction of domestic/overseas kimchi networks and establishment of cooperation strategies
  • 04Support for the development and utilization of kimchi-related contents
  • 05Operation of experience and training programs for the promotion of kimchi culture and industry
  • 06Construction of an online Kimchi Contents Integration Platform and distribution of kimchi science and cultural contents

Research Overview

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