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About WiKim A hub of global Kimchi culture and the science of fermentation. World lnstitute of Kimchi

About WiKim

글자 크게 글자 작게 인쇄

Mission and Functions

  • Conduct research and business to enhance the reputation of Korea as the country of origin of kimchi and to establish a global kimchi culture.
  • Develop high-quality Kimchi product manufacturing technology covering ingredients, manufacturing processes, microorganisms and fermentation, storage/distribution/packaging, and hygiene/safety.
  • R&D on convergence and innovation technology for the advancement of the kimchi industry (kimchi manufacturing industry and other relevant industries).
  • Discovery and promotion of kimchi’s scientific excellence.
  • Development of strategies, marketing support, and promotional activities for the promotion of kimchi exports and localization overseas.
  • Provide aid to SMEs for technical support regarding field difficulties in the kimchi industry, training, etc.
  • Establishing and operate a database and network for consisting of information, statistics, and academic/cultural resources to establish a kimchi culture.
  • World Institute of Kimchi