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Kimchi Science Research A hub of global Kimchi culture and the science of fermentation. World lnstitute of Kimchi

Kimchi Science Research

글자 크게 글자 작게 인쇄

Fermentation Regulation Technology Research

Department Overview

The Fermentation Regulation Technology Research Group develops core technology to improve the quality competitiveness of the kimchi industry through the application of starters to differentiate the quality of domestically produced kimchi (quality improvement, hygiene improvement, health functionality) and convergence/complex technology for fermentation regulation. In addition, we research source technology to control the direction and speed of kimchi fermentation by explaining the creation mechanism and characteristics of the fermentation metabolites of kimchi microorganisms.

Major Areas of Research

  • 01Development of starters according to the purpose of kimchi fermentation and consumer demand and establishment of kimchi application technology
  • 02Development of kimchi starter mass production process and formulation technology for maintaining the activity of effective
  • 03Fermentation regulation convergence/complex technology (starter monitoring technology, kimchi refrigerators, etc.)
  • 04Research on the sensory (taste/smell) recognition index and interactions depending on the fermentation of kimchi
  • 05Explanation of the creation mechanism and characteristics of kimchi fermentation metabolites
  • 06Operation of Kimchi Resource Bank (providing kimchi starter culture)

Research Overview

Development of quality differentiation technology for domestic Kimchi based on starter
Development/Production of Kimchi starter Kimchi Fermentation Control Technology
  • Background To secure a competitive advantage in the global Kimchi market through differentiation of quality of domestic Kimchi.
  • Goal To develop customized Kimchi starter/mass production technology and predict/control the fermentation direction through the development of fermentation control technology.
  • Significance Transform the traditional Kimchi fermentation process which relied on personal taste and experience, into a scientific process using 'starter' for quality differentiation.
  • Quantitative/Multiomics-based
  • Convergence Technology for Fermentation Control
  • Development of hybrid technology for fermentation control