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About WiKim A hub of global Kimchi culture and the science of fermentation. World lnstitute of Kimchi

About WiKim

글자 크게 글자 작게 인쇄

Vision and Management Strategy

Perform overall R&D related to kimchi to enhance the reputation of Korea as the country of origin of kimchi and establish a global kimchi culture in order to contribute to the development and advancement of the kimchi industry.
Lead the innovation of industrial technology and globalization of Kimchi as the world's leading comprehensive research institute for Kimchi.
Management goal
To make a leap forward as a global small and hidden research institute through the accumulation of research capabilities and innovative management.

NEW Start, WiKim!

Core values
  1. 01 Novelty
    Innovation through Concentration and Cooperation for Generating Innovative Kimchi Research Outcomes.
  2. 02 Effectiveness
    Efficiency enhancement of management through systemic innovation
  3. 03 World class
    Establishing a control tower role for the national Kimchi industry.
Management Plan
  • Strengthening of R&D operation system innovation for enhancing R&R execution performance.
    1. Establishment of R&D Planning and Implementation System Centered on the Institute's Mission
    2. Establishment and Implementation of a Customized R&R Project Selection and Inspection System
    3. Activation of an Open Collaboration System.
  • Establishment of a research environment for change and leap.
    1. Innovation of Talent Development and Utilization System
    2. Establishing and activating a system for creating a sensory immersive environment.
    3. Expansion of organizational culture for enhancing WiKim pride.
  • Maximizing the utilization and dissemination of research outcomes and supporting the growth of the Kimchi industry.
    1. Establishment and Strengthening of IP Utilization and Dissemination
    2. Enhancement of Demand-oriented Business Support through Innovation of Corporate Support System
    3. Expansion of Kimchi Cultural Content Based on Research Outcomes and Strengthening of Global Network
Research Plan
The development of key technologies for the scientificization of Kimchi fermentation.
  • 1-1Development of Core Technology for Quality Differentiation of Domestic Kimchi based on Starters
  • 1-2Clarification of Health-promoting Effects of Kimchi.
Development of industrialization technology for the advancement of the Kimchi industry
  • 2-1Development of technology to secure price competitiveness of product Kimchi based on demand from industrial enterprises
  • 2-2Development of Kimchi quality management technology to respond to consumer demand
Establishing Support and Utilization Infrastructure for Enhancing Kimchi Value
  • 3-1Establishment of Kimchi Research Resource and Information Utilization Infrastructure
  • 3-2Globalization of Kimchi through Promotion of the Kimchi Industry and Cultural Spread