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Kimchi Science Research A hub of global Kimchi culture and the science of fermentation. World lnstitute of Kimchi

Kimchi Science Research

글자 크게 글자 작게 인쇄

Kimchi Functionality Research

Department Overview

The Kimchi Functionality Research Group conducts research to provide a scientific and clinical basis regarding the health functionality of kimchi in order to explain the health functional excellence of kimchi and its raw/subsidiary ingredients and to improve the competitiveness of the domestic kimchi industry.

Major Areas of Research

  • 01Explanation of the effects of kimchi health functionality
  • 02Explanation of the health functionality of kimchi raw/subsidiary ingredients
  • 03Explanation of the development and efficacy of high-value added materials originating from kimchi
  • 04Explanation of the characteristics of kimchi microorganisms based on multi-omics information
  • 05Operation of the Bank of Kimchi Resources and Information (functional lactic acid bacteria)

Research Overview

Clarifying the Health-Promoting Effects of Kimchi
Clarifying the Functionality of Kimchi Development of Functional Material
  • Background Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a growing global interest in Kimchi, but there is a lack of scientific evidence and systematic information about the superiority of Kimchi.
  • Goal Scientific validation of the superiority of Kimchi through cellular/animal model systems, microbiome, nutritional biochemistry, and human application tests.
  • Significance Recognize the value of kimchi by scientifically identifying the excellence of kimchi and turn it into an asset as a future traditional food
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